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Security & Legal Status


EIA enjoys amical protection  by countries of the European Union similar to other micro states like Liechtenstein, San Marino or Monaco. The island is rented by the European Union and the rent is paid by the EU for the first 25 years. After 99 years the leasing contract for the seafloor has to be renegotiated with the two host countries Tunisia and Italy.


EIA will be a city state (micro state), not part of the European Union, the Schengen zone or the Euro Zone but it will be the first political entity that adopts the European Constitution (e.g. equality of sexes, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, right on education).The inner security force will be established and provided by the city of EIA.


Residents are granted at arrival with an EIA citizenship (EIA passport), thus are no refugees. After living and working for 5 years in EIA the residents are able to apply for a EU citizenship which enables them to reside and work in any country of the European Union.

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