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Urban Design & Infrastructure


The first phase of EIA will be designed to host 150.000 inhabitants. The master plan accumulates the best of Europe and Africa. The base will be an urban grid related to the original urban grid of the city of Timbuktu, its urban infrastructure will focus on pedestrian and public transport and its building construction will meet European standards. The urban master plan will focus on natural shaded, healthy and attractive public space respecting the Mediterranean climate.


A ferry will operate four times a day between the shores of Africa and EIA. Everybody is free to move between the two countries (no visa necessary) yet passports have to be shown on each side. EIA will have an airport and a sea port. Its energy source will be a mix of tidal, sun and wind power plants. Fresh water will be generate through desalination of sea water.


In the future EIA can be expanded in order to house more inhabitants.

EIA city will not be clean like Zurich nor will it be chaotic like Lagos but a perfect merger of these two worlds.


It will be chaotically organised, formally informal and colourful black and white.

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