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Privacy statement


Europe in Africa respects the privacy of visitors to the website and ensures that the (personal) information you provide to us is treated confidentially. Processing of the (personal) data takes place in a way that is in accordance with the requirements set by the law.


Purposes of the data processing


Your personal data will be processed by us for the purpose of sending our newsletter. Information requested via forms on our website is necessary for the above reasons. If the personal details are not provided, we will not be able to contact you or, in the case of a newsletter subscription, we will not be able to inform you about our activities.

If you fill in a contact or newsletter subscription form on the website, or send us an e-mail, then the data you send us will be kept for as long as the nature of the form or the content of your e-mail requires for a complete answer and handling. In doing so, we apply the following retention periods:


Type of data                     Storage period

Contact form                      Max. 4 years

Newsletter subscription    Until the moment of unsubscribing for the newsletter.

Request via e-mail             Max. 4 years

Relationship data               Max. 7 years (including data transmitted by the above methods, but only if there is a business relationship)




All data that you exchange with Europe in Africa via our website is encrypted with SSL security based on the HTTPS protocol. Data you leave behind by filling out a form will be stored in the database of our mailing system, Campaign Monitor.


Visit data and Google Analytics


We use Google Analytics to track general visitor data and to be able to analyse how our web pages score at Google. The data is thus used for statistical analyses of visit and click behaviour on the website. We also use it to optimise the functioning of the website. We have set up Google Analytics in a privacy-friendly way, so that IP addresses are anonymised and data is sent over a secure connection.

For information on how Google is compliant with GDPR, Google has specific pages: Google Cloud and the GDPR and what Google does in the field of data protection.


Europe in Africa can never trace this information back to you as a person or individual, except in situations where you identify yourself as a person using one of the forms on the website. This can be done, for example, by leaving an e-mail address when you subscribe to the newsletter. In such cases, your visiting behaviour can be linked to the data entered.


The data collected by Europe in Africa will not be disclosed to third parties.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter


This site contains buttons to promote or share pages on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These buttons are realized by code that is provided by Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter itself. To see what they do with your personal information, please read the privacy statement in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (which may change frequently).




We offer a newsletter with which we want to inform interested parties about news in the field of content strategy, formula and creation, our services and related matters. Your e-mail address will only be added to the list of subscribers with your explicit consent. Each newsletter contains a link that allows you to unsubscribe. Until then, the data will be kept. The subscriber base of the newsletter is not provided to third parties.


Processor agreement


We have a processor's agreement with companies that process our data. This lays down, among other things, where the personal data may be processed for and which security measures must be taken regarding where the personal data are stored. It also states that those who process the data must treat them confidentially and may not start processing them on their own for a completely different purpose from that stated in the processor's contract.


Access, correction and right of opposition


If you have a relationship with our company, you have the opportunity to access your personal data upon written request. If the overview provided by us contains any inaccuracies, you can ask us in writing to change the details or to have them removed. Furthermore, you have the right to request your data in a file so that another party can get this data from you and use it. In addition, you can notify us in writing if you do not wish to be contacted (by post or by e-mail) with information about our products and services by reporting this to this address:


Europe in Africa

Or mail to:


If you do not agree on how we process your personal data, you have the option to present a complaint to the Authority Personal Data.


Authority Personal Data

P.O. Box 93374

2509 AJ The Hague

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